Environmental conservation is key to promoting livelihoods. At M-Pesa Foundation, we continue to invest in projects that promote the environment and livelihoods.

Under this pillar, we have invested Kshs.155million towards a fencing project of the Mau Eburu forest and another Kshs.43millions towards the Nairobi Greenline project. The Mau Eburu fencing project was a partnership with Rhino Ark Charitable Trust to put up a 50-kilometer electric fence around the forest to help resolve persistent human- wildlife conflict and restore parts of the forest degraded by human encroachment.

The project led to the adoption of a conservation-based education curricula in all the 32 schools in Eburu since January 2014.

The Nairobi Greenline is another project where the M-PESA Foundation invested Kshs.43million towards the creation of a 50m wide and 26.5km long buffer zone for the Nairobi National Park to reduce consistent human-wildlife conflict.

Additionally, the M-PESA Foundation has invested Kshs.8.81million towards conservation efforts at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, which takes care of orphaned and abandoned elephant calves.

The grant was used for the purchase of a tractor, construction of a keeper’s canteen and elephant stable and purchase of fencing materials for fencing the whole compound.

This intervention has enabled the sanctuary to expand capacity to house more elephants. It can now host over 20 elephants compared to the initial five.