The Challenge

Established in December 2014, the Eburu ecosystem is located entirely within Nakuru County. Comprising 8,715.3 hectares, Eburu Forest Reserve is at its core and adjacent landscapes through which wildlife populations move to and from the forest.

Rhino Ark, as the programme proponent, has made a long-term commitment to support the conservation of the Eburu ecosystem.

The intervention

The M-PESA Foundation, together with the

Government of Kenya (through the Treasury) and Finlays, a comprehensive set of programme activities covering an initial 4-year period (Phase I) that was undertaken to address conservation challenges facing this ecosystem.


The project has provided an effective, results-oriented platform for stakeholders to address the twin challenges of human/ wildlife conflict and wildlife welfare in the area between Eburu forest and Lake Naivasha.

Fencing of the eastern boundary of the Eburu-Lake Naivasha wildlife corridor has decreased human-wildlife conflicts in the Eburu settlement as well as offer permanent employment for 12 local community members in the fence maintenance crew (by Kenya Forest Service).

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