Water is life. This phrase aptly captures the importance of water in our day-to-day life.

However, majority of communities still suffer lack of this basic commodity.

It is for this reason that the M-Pesa Foundation continues to invest in integrated water projects that not only address the challenge of water but also food insecurity.

One such project is the Kinango Integrated water project in Kwale County.

Implemented in partnership with the Kwale County government and Kenya Red Cross Society in 2015, the project involved rehabilitation of Nyalani dam, constructed during the British colonial era. Gradual siltation, unforgiving climatic conditions and a lack of maintenance caused it to lose its functionality as a water basin for over 40 years.

The M-Pesa Foundation invested Ksh. 207million towards the Kinango Integrated Food Security and Livelihoods project.

The project saw 120 acres of land cleared and 105 acres put for farming under drip irrigation. At least 417 farmers received agronomic inputs.

At least 10,000 people are benefitting from the project directly and another 2,500 indirectly reducing their vulnerability to drought.

This has in turn contributed towards poverty reduction, which remains one of the greatest challenges facing the country.