Over 20,000 residents of Kisumu County will access clean water and sanitation through a Last Mile Connection project. The project is a partnership between the County Government of Kisumu, Practical Action and M-PESA Foundation to increase access to water & sanitation services in Nyalenda.

As part of the KES 8.8 million project, a community-based modern ablution block will be constructed to improve sanitation and 15 SMEs supported to locally produce hygiene products such as soap and sanitary towels.

Through this project, we are looking to provide access to clean water to residents of Nyalenda at an affordable cost so that they can manage their water needs. We want to improve the sanitation of the community to prevent waterborne diseases and promote hygiene. We believe these residents have a right to a decent and reliable water supply.

Kisumu is the third largest and the fastest growing city in Kenya with an estimated population of 600,000 people. Over 60% of Kisumu’s residents are low-income tenants in the expanding informal settlements and over half of these lack access to toilets. 83% lack access to clean water.


29 Sept
Last Mile Water and Sanitation Connectivity

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