The Challenge

A survey by the National Survey on Children with Disabilities and Special Needs in

Education shows that the prevalence rate of children and youth with disabilities aged

between 3 and 21 years is 11.4%.

Most of these children lack access to education which has a ripple effect of denying them the right to gainful employment and taking up decision making roles in their communities.

The Intervention 

M-PESA Foundation in partnership with CBM Kenya and Cure International Hospital launched Wezesha Elimu Phase 4. Wezesha Elimu aims to improve enrolment, retention and transition of learners with disabilities, enhance awareness of disabilities among the school community and reduce physical barriers in the school environment.

About 300 surgeries, rehabilitation of 700 children, provision of at least 100 assistive devices to children with disabilities and infrastructure support to at least 5 schools where a Centre of Excellence for children with disabilities will be set up.

The investment in the project is KES 74 million with M-PESA Foundation contributing KES 25.2 million towards the project for two years. CBM Kenya and Cure International Hospital will contribute KES 22.5 million and KES 26.5 million respectively.

The Impact

The children with disabilities are getting access to education opportunities without discrimination. They are being empowered like all other children and getting the skills to expose them to learning and job opportunities. They are getting support from their schools which have infrastructure to cater for their needs.

Activities to be conducted: Surgeries, rehabilitations, donation of assistive devices and upgrading of five schools.


Number of beneficiaries: Over 1, 000 children


Investment in the project:  KES 74 million