Who we are

The M-PESA Foundation is an independent charitable trust started in 2010. We are dedicated to creating empowered communities by assisting them reach their potential. Through our projects, we strive to contribute to the realization of UN sustainable development goals.

In the years we have been in existence, we have focused on making a meaningful impact by solving problems that societies face through ameliorating the problems and addressing the underlying causes.
Our mission is to make a lasting contribution in the society by focusing on these four main sustainable initiatives: Health, Education, Environmental Conservation and Integrated livelihood under each pillar the foundation has invested in specific programmes to impact the quality of life for all Kenyans.


Our vision when we started the Foundation eight years ago was to shift the focus from investing in several, distinct and small scale projects as is typical with CSR projects to a model that embraced the idea of larger scale projects that would impact a much larger population. We aimed to provide long-lasting, transformative impact on the societies in which we operate.

Despite our focus on transformative projects, we still care about the impact these projects deliver to society. We hope to continue transforming lives by extending our vision to touch more areas where we believe we have the ability to push significant change.

When we started off, we focused on ensuring that the projects we would support had in-built mechanisms for community participation, community ownership and sustainability; and are also aligned to Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The role of the private sector and corporate foundations in our country’s development is key. I am delighted that together we have demonstrated strong public and “private and NGO partnerships.

Undoubtedly, the impact that these projects have created, from education for children from all 47 counties at the M-PESA Foundation Academy to health for mothers and newborns in Samburu to the uplifting of livelihoods through the rehabilitation of the Nyalani Dam in Kwale and the conservation of the forest in Mau Eburu, is now indelible.

My gratitude goes to the Board of Trustees for their foresight, insight and oversight that is powering the change that is now evident through these projects and more importantly, in the very lives of the people they have touched and will touch in future.


The Managment